Why use Talbot products?

Whether military or law enforcement, Talbot QD Mounts allow operators adaptability to the situation at hand, as they tend to change. CQB scenarios are best suited for red dot, holographic or low-power/wide-angle scope. Night vision or thermal weapon sight is another option. Runway perimeter security may need 10x (or more) for adequate effectiveness.

One accurate rifle, zeroed with any of the aforementioned optics can allow a 2-person team the results of a much larger squad. One day at the range, changing from long-range target shooting to short-range interdiction will give the operator confidence that zero is not compromised, regardless of frequency in changing optics.

Made in the USA

We take satisfaction knowing we manufacture our products using 100% domestically-sourced materials. At Talbot QD Mounts, “Made in the USA” means a level of quality that lives and breathes our heritage.